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14 de Mayo, 2011 · General

Important people in England


His name is Isambard Brunel Unido, he was born in 9 april of 1806 and died in 15 september of 1859. On July 5, 1836, Brunel married Mary Elizabeth Horsley. They made their home in the Duke of Westminster Street in London.
Brunel suffered a stroke in 1859, died ten days later at the age of 53 and was buried in Kensal Green cemetery in London. He left behind his wife Mary and their three children: Isambard Brunel Junior, Henry Marc Brunel and Florence Mary Brunel.
Brunel worked for several years as an assistant engineer on the project to create a tunnel under London, River Thames. Brunel's father, Marc, was the chief engineer and the project was funded by the Thames Tunnel Company.
Brunel is perhaps best remembered for the Clifton suspension bridge in Bristol.
His father taught him drawing and observation techniques of the age of four years and Brunel had learned Euclidean geometry by eight. DURING this time I Also Learned fluent French and the Basic Principles of engineering. During this time she also learned fluent French and basic principles of engineering. He Was Encouraged to draw interesting buildings and Identify Their Any faults in structure. He was encouraged to draw buildings of interest and identify structural defects.
When I was eight Brunel was sent to a boarding school in Hove Dr. Muriel.
At the age of 14, the youngest of Brunel was enrolled for the first time at the University of Caen in Normandy.
When Brunel completed his studies in 1822 Henri-Quatre, his father had as a candidate at the prestigious Ecole Polytechnique engineering school.
In 1833, before the Thames Tunnel was complete, Brunel was appointed chief engineer of the Great Western Railway, one of the wonders of Victoria of Great Britain, which goes from London to Bristol and Exeter later
In 1833, before the Thames Tunnel was complete, Brunel was appointed chief engineer of the Great Western Railway, one of the wonders of Victoria of Great Britain, which goes from London to Bristol and Exeter later
Many of Brunel's bridges are still in use, which has stood the test of time. Brunel's first engineering project, the Thames Tunnel, is now part of the East London Overground Railway System. first engineering project Brunel, Thames Tunnel is now part of East London Overground Rail System. The Brunel Engine House at Rotherhithe, Which eleven That House The steam engines powered the tunnel pumps, now houses the Brunel Museum dedicated to the work and lives of Marc and Isambard Kingdom Brunel. Many of Brunel's original papers and designs Are Now held in the Brunel collection at the University of Bristol. The Brunel Engine House Rotherhithe, which once housed the steam pump that feeds the tunnel, which now houses the Brunel Museum dedicated to the life and work of Marc and Isambard Kingdom Brunel. Many of Brunel's original works and designs are carried out now in the collection of Brunel at the University of Bristol.

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